The Goodness of God

Does good in life seem temporary and bad permanent? Does it seem like bad comes easier than good? Then establishing the goodness of God, a fruit of the Holy Spirit within our heart, is beneficial in receiving all the good that our heavenly Father has given us through Jesus Christ.

Some people want good, but have trouble believing in good because of all the bad they have experienced in life. This teaching will help you go from wanting good to owning good and into the place where good belongs to you because of Jesus. Bad is not supposed to be ours! We should never identify with bad in life even if we experience bad. God is good, even as God is love. Because of the goodness of God, given through Jesus Christ, we should identify with good. To identify with something means we become identical to it as we are united to it in spirit, outlook, and principle. We have become the same as it is.

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