Why Christians Die Instead of Receiving Healing

Insights into why Christians do not receive healing and answers to other tough questions.

In life, there can be many unanswered questions and some can be very hard to answer. In my many years of ministering to people, I have had an opportunity to hear what can be some very hard questions. Here are just a few:

  • I have been believing for my healing, so why am I getting worse?
  • Why do so many Christians die instead of receiving their healing?
  • They were saying all the right things about their health, why did they die?

It is true that too many Christians die who could have received healing in their body. No one has to die sick. When Christians die as a result of sickness, their loved ones and friends may be confused and hurt. However, it should reveal to us that something is wrong. But we can find answers for these hard questions and in this teaching, I will give insights into why Christians do not receive. I will not only answer these tough questions, but I believe this will help those who are still believing for healing.

This CD Album contains 3 Discs.