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The following seminars are currently available to be taught in your area.

How to Minister & Receive Healing (Beginning Seminar - 3 to 6 hours of teaching and training)
The focus of the Healing Seminar is to train believers how to minister and receive healing with results when they pray. A syllabus will be available for the student to follow and take notes during the seminar. A question and answer time is included as well.

The Ministry of Jesus (Advance Seminars - 3 to 6 hours each)
This is an advance seminar for those who have had the foundational teaching on healing and not only covers healing but includes many different aspects of ministry as we use Jesus as an example of  How a Minister Ministers. There are four seminars altogether on this subject with the last one focusing on the  Ministry of the Apostles.

Seminars can be customized to fit your need and time schedule.   Contact us for more information or to find out how to arrange a meeting or seminar in your area.

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