Issues of the Heart - Free eBook

Issues of the Heart is about helping us overcome obstacles in receiving from the Lord.

Available ONLY as a free download, the issues of our heart that are formed from judgments is what allows our problems to have power over us. A judgment is when we go beyond the facts of the problem.  In the imagination of our heart, we begin to establish deep beliefs contrary to the truth of God‘s Word, but are truth to us. Unbelief is always about us and the relationship we establish with life’s problems. Jesus said to “take no thought” as taking thought is part of the process of empowering life’s problems.

It was for living in freedom as a way of life that Jesus set us free. I believe this teaching will help people with deep hurts within their heart be made whole. People who it seems have problems that have power over them can live free and learn a new way of relating to life in Christ that will enable them to walk in freedom. Once you experience this, I believe you will never want to go back, as you will love the ways of life in Christ!