You Are What You Believe

Change your heart beliefs to experience real change in your life.

Many believers do not realize that the beliefs that dominate their heart have caused them to become something-both to the good or the bad.  For example, a person who is fearful has a heart that is full of fear.  They live a fearful life where fear is reflected in their thoughts, emotions, and decisions.  This person does not just have a problem with fear, but they have become the problem.  When you take on the identity of a problem you become the problem.  This produces an image that others come to know you by.  Whether you realize it or not, what is in your heart will come out.  This is why you may continually receive encouragement, but remain unchanged.

Real change is an internal heart change that comes through the Word of God and by the Spirit of the Lord.  This kind of change is a process where the anointing destroys the yoke, allowing you, by the Spirit of the Lord, to continually experience heart belief change.  You receive your new identity, becoming who you always were in Christ.  This teaching will help those who are living with issues of the heart that seem to dominate them and will help to bring freedom in Christ thorugh establishing new heart beliefs. 

This CD Album contains 3 Discs.