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Setting Captives Free (CD Album)

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Setting Captives Free
(3 disk set)

After hearing a wonderful message on God’s love and the promises of God, a lady asked me, “I want to trust God, but how do I get over terrible things I have gone through in life, to be able to trust God again?”

The things she had gone through were so bad and had such a devastating effect upon her heart that she has trouble trusting God. In her reasoning she said, “If I did not experience God faithfulness before hand, then how do I truly know He will keep me now? I want to trust Him! I listen to your teaching on the Goodness of God and I believe He is good, but deep within my heart I have trouble believing he is good. How do I get free of this fear and deep pain?”

I believe this teaching is for those who feel that they never change. They want to experience the God’s goodness in the land of the living, but the promises of God always seems elusive. Through the teaching of the Word of God, others get God’s results, but it does not seem to work for them. People who think that others are always blessed, but life for them is always a struggle. They are the ones who are constantly under the weight of the issues of life, where they believe their problems have power over them.

I believe this teaching is also for those who have a desire to minister effectively to Christians who always seem to stay in their problems and never change.