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Me Myself and I or Jesus CD

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For a Christian God has designed our way of life to be the most fulfilling way of living life. God wants us to walk in peace, free of life’s problems, and experience true joy and fulfillment in life. However, not all believers experience this way of life, even though it can be one of their greatest desires. I believe this can only truly be experienced in a Christian walk — all other ways are counterfeit.

Life’s problems are always about us. Many times we feel someone else is to blame for our difficulties and while that might have some truth to it, it is how the issue affects us that makes it about us. When we have our eyes on us, we take our eyes off Jesus. To whatever degree our eyes are on us, life becomes about Me, Myself, and I. When life becomes about “me” we find ourselves trapped in an endless struggle looking for peace and joy but never really finding it. All of life’s problems are rooted in self and it is when I lose my own self ego and identity to the place where life becomes about Jesus that we have freedom and our heart’s desires are found.

This album includes 4 CDs.