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A Heart For Receiving Downloadable MP3

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God has no trouble giving -- man is the one who has trouble receiving! Our ability to understand how to receive what has already been given is essential for the manifestation of healing. There are many believers who want to be healed, but they have difficulty receiving the manifestation of the healing in their physical bodies. Some believers struggle in the process of trying to receive their healing. They become frustrated, confused, and end up in strife because of a lack of understanding on how to receive the very thing for which they are believing. There are also some Christians who do not understand what it means to "believe" and what it means to "receive". They may have a theological concept of how to receive, but being able to take a theological concept and put it into a practical application which works in everyday life is important for receiving what has already been given. This teaching focuses on what the Word of God has to say about receiving from a practical perspective by looking at the lives of those who did receive from Jesus and at what Jesus had to say about receiving.

This collection of MP3 files are from the 4 related CD's.