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Living Out of the Heart Downloadable MP3

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Most Christians don't realize the importance of their own heart. You can have knowledge of the Word of God, but not actually have that truth established in your heart. In fact, most Christians have no idea what they truly believe in their heart. They may think that knowledge alone is believing truth. Instead, it is the truth that you have in your heart that actually belongs to you.

In Proverbs it says that when you look into the water you see the reflection of your face. But when you look into your heart, you see yourself. To know what you truly believe you must come to understand your own heart. Our heart will either be the blessing it was intended to be for us, or it will work against us in our ability to receive from God. Learning to live out of the heart is essential for a successful Christian walk. In this teaching, you will learn to establish your heart and learn how to live out of your heart.

This album is the downloadable file for the set which contains three CD's.

PLEASE NOTE: The content in this album, Living Out of the Heart, is also part of the album entitled The Heart Our Success for Life Album 1. If you have that album, you do not need to purchase this teaching as the course content is the same.