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Here are some testimonies from Cecil regarding people he has prayed for:
One lady who had suffered a stroke came for prayer. Her speech was very difficult to understand but during prayer received immediate results resulting in her voice becoming clearer for every one to hear.

There was a lady who came to a meeting but discovered that she had forgotten her medication and was beginning to feel the physical effects of the probem and was fearful of the condition becoming worse. I prayed for her before the meeting started and the physical symptoms immediately left. There was such a shocked look on her face because she had never experienced an immediate manifestation of healing before even though she believed in healing.

At another meeting a man came for prayer who had a problem with his hearing and with his eye sight because of being exposed to chemicals. As I prayed Jesus set him free from the physical limitations in his body and he was wonderfully changed as his heaing, sight, and body changed right before us all.

"Laura has cerebral palsy that has affected her walking and balance. You prayed for Laura’s left foot and leg which had been causing her a lot of pain and difficulty and Laura immediately noticed that her foot no longer rolled over on its side and that her left leg was the same length as the right. Later in our room she noticed that the left foot was now the same length as her right foot and that she no longer had pain in her knees and hips. After her manifestations she no longer needs the inserts or a built up shoe. On the third day of the conference Laura was experiencing back pain which you commanded to leave. The next day she noticed her pants were fitting differently and when she looked at her back the bulge that had been in her lower back due to improperly developed muscles was no longer there. Laura was able to move and stretch much easier than she had been in the past. She was also able to stand pain free for the first time in her life. People need to hear the truth so that the promises of God which Christ suffered and died to give them will become a reality in their lives.” –Laura’s mother, Pam

“Your teaching last year [2003] has helped me step out and minister healing to others. It cleared up the last couple of questions I had about ministering healing. Since then, I have seen gall bladder, pain ,and cancer healed. Even ministering on the phone to my mother healed some of her ailments. Can’t wait to see what is next.” –Tamara

"Cecil & Lisa Praying“Thank you so much for sharing your time and wisdom so generously. We know that good and abundant fruit will come from all that you have taught as. You are such a blessing.” –Tom

“I really enjoyed these teachings. They were very informative. Thank you so much!” –Thalia

“Thank you so much, again, for that powerful message on leadership. It was the best message I’ve ever heard on leadership. It touched my heart deeply and I know I will be a better elder because of it and God’s grace to help me change to be more like Jesus. God bless you!” –Sharon

“Thanks so much for coming. The teaching I received and the tapes I bought are working their way into my spirit and I know they will come into fruition. I received a healing for a problem tooth at the Saturday meeting. Since then, confessing healing nearly every day, I am receiving healing from dairy intolerance and other problems little by little.” –April

“Thank you both for coming to Kansas City. The teachings were awesome and helped us by opening up greater understanding of the Scriptures.” –Marilyn

“Your seminar was excellent. Our family would recommend it to anyone.” –Mary and John

If your life has been touched by the ministry of Cecil and Lisa Paxton and you would like to share your testimony, we would love to hear from you!  Please email info@clpmi.org with your name, contact information, and a description of how God has worked in your life. (Please note, if we elect to share all or a portion of your testimony on this page, only your first name will used.)