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Quick Donation

Make a Quick Donation Using PayPal or a Credit Card

Please be sure to add a note in PayPal to let us know into which fund you want the donation to go.

* On the final check out page, you will see "Donate to Specific Fund Names"
--- Click on the text and it will show you a text area to put in your notes.
--- If you want to divide your donation funds, please specify how much to give to each Name you list.
--- You can specify more than one of the funds listed on the Donations page.
--- If you don't specify any of the Fund Names, we will designate your donation to the General Fund.

* To use a credit card, you can do the following:
--- On the first page of PayPal, look down in the lower left corner and you will see the link shown:

Credit Card Link

--- Click on the "Continue" link and follow the instructions that will follow.