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Ministering to the Terminally Ill Downloadable MP3


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So many believers have difficulty ministering to people with serious physical needs. Even though we know that God heals, in many situations the believer's experiences have been just the opposite. We have watched people who are believing to be healed, die. As a minister I have ministered to people who were dying and I have seen people healed and seen people die. I have gained many insights not only from my successes but also from my failures. These experiences have helped me to see more consistent results when I pray. The purpose of this teaching is to give insight into how to effectively minister to people with serious problems so that, as a minister, we are not part of the problem, but part of the solution. As believers, we need to be able to come around someone and get them all the way to Jesus just as the four men who bore their friend who was sick of the palsy down through the roof to get to Jesus. This purchase is to download the audio only of the 3-CD teaching by Cecil Paxton entitled, Ministering to the Terminally Ill, in MP3 format. You will be downloading three separate MP3 files--one for each of the CD's in the album.