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How to Receive Healing Part 1 Downloadable MP3


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The intent of this teaching is to make receiving healing simple and to take away the complication and confusion so you will have a clear understanding on receiving from God. In this teaching you will discover the difference between receiving from man and receiving from God so that you do not make one of the most common mistakes Christians make in trying to receive from God. This teaching will bring you out of a struggling “works” effort where you are in the process of trying to get something from God and will move you into a place of finally understanding the ways of life in Christ. As one man said to me, “In over 30 years of being a Christian I have never heard this taught this way before. Why, why, why has this never been taught to me before?"

I believe that this teaching on How to Receive Healing will be different than anything you have heard before. If you need healing, you will be so glad that you made this spiritual investment in your life as it will give you the understanding and the answers you have been looking for. 

This is Part 1 of a two part teaching. This purchase is to download the audio only of the 5-CD teaching by Cecil Paxton entitled, How to Receive Healing Part 1, in MP3 format. You will download five separate MP3 files--one for each of the CD's in the album.